He began putting out ready-to-wear in 1988 drawing inspiration from diverse cultures. Justin Sullivan | Getty Images Shares of National Beverage, the owner of the LaCroix sparkling water brand, fell Tuesday to their lowest price since … 2 years warranty. Free shipping. He soon became fascinated by the … Your time is Now. In 1975, they expanded to build a watch division with its own brand, Maurice Lacroix, named in honor of a Desco board member who had recently died. LaCroix Zoom backgrounds ready for your use! One feature that really defined these watches was their glass, see-through case backs. LaCroix is still the king of the sparkling water aisle, but the competition is crowding in. National Beverage Corp. said Wednesday that it’s increasing a previously announced dividend to $6 a share, twice as much as originally planned. ", "The FDA has stated BPA liners are safe and pose no risk at the trace levels found from its use in can linings of food and beverage products. Maurice Lacroix was founded as part of Desco von Schulthess of Zurich in 1975. According to the lawsuit, Dejewski, a vice president at the company, objected in April to Caporella's plan to say that LaCroix cans were BPA-free and was fired in retaliation the next day. Decrease font size. The company cited the economic hardship brought by Covid and a desire to reward “loyal shareholders,” though most of the payout stands to go to Caporella, who owns about three-quarters of the stock. With zero calories, zero sweeteners and zero sodium, LaCroix leads the premium domestic sparkling water category. They stare at each other and Nines finds he can’t dredge up any kind of righteous anger or hatred towards LaCroix. An earnings report from the company released Thursday shares … LaCroix LimonCello, the Extravagance of Delicious! MML&H's philosphy has always been to find some of the best talent available and ExcellenceThe firm was awarded the Professional Development Award from the NSPE's Professional Engineers in Private Practice in both 1996 and 2013 for its exceptional career development initiatives and outstanding contributions to the advancement and improvement of the engineering profession. The lawsuit said BPA is used to "coat containers that hold food and trace amounts have been known to seep into the food or drink itself. Tuesday's tumble continues a multi-month slide for National Beverage. Read More. In September, it traded as high as $123.27. “We hope this Christmas spirit now upon us and the Thanksgiving celebration of recent days will help to brighten this season we have come to honor and respect,” the company said in the statement. E-mail. Who Owns Lacroix SA (EPA:LACR)? National Beverage's stock has been sliding for months. The name "Rizla" came in 1886 ("Riz" being the French word for rice and "La+" as an abbreviation of Lacroix). Revealed: The Secret Political Ingredient in LaCroix’s Corporate Statements CEO Nick Caporella infuses his messages with a subtle essence of conservatism. Founded in 1889, Desco von Schulthess (Desco) is an older company with roots in the silk trade. May 04, 2020. ", The lawsuit also said that "some states, like California, have classified BPA as a toxic chemical that could cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm, although the Food and Drug Administration has stated that BPA is safe at the current levels occurring in foods. LaCroix, which has been around for about 35 years, was acquired in bankruptcy proceedings in the mid-1990s by National Beverage, based in … A Division of NBCUniversal. The lawsuit says LaCroix cans were at least four months away from being BPA-free when these events occurred. ", The company was sued last year for allegedly mislabeling LaCroix as "all-natural.". “Additionally, the economic atmosphere that is affecting our country also persuaded us to increase this special dividend.”. They're both owned and distributed by National Beverage Corp., which makes them siblings of a sort. New flavor alert! Lacroix SA designs, manufactures, and sells road and urban signaling. In December 2003, the newspaper La Croix made headlines after firing one of its own journalists, Alain Hertoghe, for writing a book that was allegedly damaging to the newspaper's editorial line.
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