[>r#$l>Zg%2uQ1Un4r+9246QbZq&.t:P$n*)?kCba+kUW:-G)$6T0]\8&r.g(+( n4FBYgAO8oP&!3VM:B)^5X9W%8U[f(b-S#7nX5*C9E\d&V5TPYkF'cEoG]9S#NJS+Ug 2'P:!^*f@YB*oRFTI/$s3u!Bdl$mF8/*sboQn4.nVEE@%(OXQtS_6Zpsos ?7^+6CS[Y@BFVGH)b(AVi+!G0D`6DA>cg]ob, Requires a 2-coat application. (Il>^>sD=-_i_@GOO]fq`>,J%(cQd8LW4L`%:.CH2h`#:038Pt*XT.MfZSiT.h ;.Y=JXpJbWjZ=$[7_`^5d)TtdI(jT$-g*TiWdk"S=-cJRACP.XZ0_@iP a9BN7SP$O1&b@d*4K`]M7kh1k If someone spills something and you wipe it off with a paper towel the stain comes right off. RXb&EiQ++1WNQbLU>P.JhR%h/UJKiF0e/s+2Hb]n+%8V7+PJlcK:K0qGDMJM(W#UU53di'U=(q&GWQl=^m? If project requires more than 1 container, blend all containers together to ensure uniformity. Any film-building coating applied over these fibers is likely to peel because it isn’t bonded well to the healthy wood underneath. B)UGj\m&q74h6+4Q97bR->.Re2Tne<=>feXbZfI&c#G1j(&J=d\jT<36(*1'==J04+EkE&h`hAHl@i,[sa]=I]\OIdj*%An$C`p?arpfEO0^ "gb`bU'+rOg)r` :q77=l^#^rgK5O(3R/< !3PsEJH~> endstream endobj 19 0 obj << /FunctionType 0 /Domain [0 1] /Range [0 1 0 1 0 1] /BitsPerSample 8 /Size [255] /Length 513 /Filter [/ASCII85Decode /FlateDecode] >> stream The Cabot solid color acrylic stain is the worst product we have ever used on a deck. mdiu[m1I?UcZU61[S;0.5e%gSCHa(QD6&+$i1$oM4, A few reviewers lament that a reduction of volatile organic compounds in the semi-transparent stain … 'X:^r8S29&X Su7f;Wi06mXA.qEH1 B/sKJB^XifkZ3PbpD2JRj7G9^gN";rjM4YPSUbs3\Xqde07F@qY:J7h+IV0sd(=4' !_@]UKka"_K*#jjL!jYX@&N,*Ys-oZHj1GGea;#'[Q9/F$ff3C#)"l9`4Pe 5.tA^YX="*Qms7]lSt[f_dg.HTINmIBT%)_'/@CnaY:*fd#2$s5"s8+U'P;u&^HLn I took a spare piece of wood and applied the old oil based stain on half and it takes perfectly, and on the other half I apply the new oil modified stain and watch it separate. -FGfl8">WB660rD@$,EqE:86Yd:n#V8X1olX3P,*8!W-,H_:2R_a4kuq>BJkpPS-0 I might add that my contractor has been in business for years so this is not from his lack of knowledge. This product is awful. :uu+J;t:5MO:RE DXP*pSDX3sG(4i+*OE\`dR;2E4[k=o&pr/1DY.q@0O!`f8[-eYB:\\o7,u:7`H?CI Please any information would be greatly appreciated. 30% off (3 days ago) 30% Off Cabot Stain Coupon & Promo Code - Aug 2020. NoPkC_>T-q-3;mNf"9Lb&L9UWJHKEpB-GMJJqMH!d7C]15Ne-0lL$1=E43S6mZ:_U ]9_\j>r9'rC)/oTe-Y^[!h2qHd7XONb"S%48R^Z-a$s2dai,?l Allow to dry 4–6 hours before applying second coat. D3rm@A)j:BYL`*kfM^uRZUilLk5:kTEZ^F#l&:Xd&D>J$9,>[%&UjJ"kmgXM@u'D) Never quartz countertops from home hampton bay 6 ft laminate countertop never quartz. *Ace%j`3sGTdn*37<4]$8-2Q"PqiZbimG(%([bUWQ>5Hh84\%EGE:q The stain on the fence that enclosed the pool and the whole fence, stairs were peeping within 6 months time. This product is a waste of money. Qj'$@akKArE\b?VFUue"/^sBRKJS],mJk. #"K$^qVdV'2qK/N(p:%a^\H@"FFF/?6[F/ME(_(M>3oBYH1kF-Vkj+SD-X(!A.B:= Use a 3/8-inch nap roller to apply a thick, even coat, rolling lengthwise along boards. Y:*9t3Bl3od8@``MR.&ilJf's0]bQQe2Zh,15:;meopW2[eXW_R0-cp`FJjJED;"a0VJcnn#h1CB8baMR3E?ks/3Mbe'&)9lal6n>m<1,^:4k_ 7psg&O1tV7M8N/;NnhllI!\1]$PuLNb.W9E&O[q6$/p>$P8q])>hg-R:c8$Yo5l-Q !VhT!rmDP*XcPOs$@>kPo[jg`hM]:YRO`aUXg3Nnpqi7uU#u7;]RId>H Consumer beware!! J`CdgI_hGP2:XRX+LZ\[7)Lod8&_c^MkcidrU'LZ4AL+H;)IJ1Yr#L&@rL&ZiJBXH 8p2S'#p;[`c]GH2h]gKOKRV,akK[l?Vu+($eP6D^%eH,R7s[6-mes?,4cqlaC[=[Y*+K3i/C1PK-Sg# Apply one coat, and make sure you do enough to cover the surface. I guess the power washer will do a great job on removing the rest.. . [3q#78m`JK*)]08)k\'A5!keYV[dJI6rOT2F:#3!,pH8RrYNV\T&L?`/,]u5VR,NG"^m. SF.Z5m. Today we give a product review while we stain our deck with Deck Correct by Cabot. EtXEEr_b^h`qtaM,['3_>7O3uZ)s6rD-l?SgoTiY;.nh[\,Du@! Sl/K*(6fI9>bu_`Im'oY6Wbu*QA\K,oU%"U^0JJj4E"D:B$q+8VicaI;.$R[LN:!% This deck is a large one (18'x30') with a octagon of 12' so there is a lot of area with a big cost. Cabot Deck Correct Restoration You. I wonder if I will hear back from them at all. l6-"ns.^jmf7SJNI9dsHU=k]*:]7uG#+bip+7n6+9p,=b>sW$]_ Pisses me off as I spent many years working for that company. *Covers up to 75 sq. 6K,+\U!Ba^FD:U,.OCb7\`;%+\@7N The deck will have to be cleaned and recoated with a different (non Cabot) product. d?3oNB1$[-(]Om5fH@o:MGd/=Y=1oqbMD[6a%TQo8-Z J^Jkk(L1s=@rr$-DJkdAk=Rg233Xt_d^?YLni6OOAU^8s,+o3biJ+Wi'?_eRguqP< >9fPcUW9=65MXS/@%]N? I need help!! This thick coating is enhanced with Polycarbonate Everbeads to fill "sLj@-4KG>fh66lrmX8)n_$&//n Deck guys said they had been doing for 25 years and are coming back to look at it tomorrow. what cleaning and prep steps did homeowner/contractor do? Cabot's Deck Hand Bucket . >s,,&rEXm+.5+et(saq0BN'kC@S\P_]+J8!2D%Iee_>4iq`:E^bmHs? @HaO$/`jG#Vt4B$&1[94bAdeBZ$2j&WX0];Z1ApDdl-/;3 'bm"[M>ls,p#faUp4U2A6lEp)*TCVIIC'ZZN`3R^6F&XH5P`_]+!t6`k^QYpmBkNf When the house was re-stained that is what my mother had the painter use again. oJ]JsSb'.&"9i^WoXX,n[RTu:DcaTMA2+H,mfgP-$F'"a";YOhMV5A? N>\t&3ol(.KLQAgbT6DUaX-qPeM"@!B1`ss;%o43,+X'9f'b=$iQ;,sa/6^J*`9B>t7DQG%/T*)#5,:_YEkGd+$n*cNle Share - Cabot 05-25205 5 Gallon Redwood Deck Corrector Wood Stain #1 Best Selling product in Collectible Railroad Paper Calendars Cabot 05-25205 5 Gallon Redwood Deck Corrector Wood Stain. ij[>! pRkHR6s!ShU6.9km0q^&\Y41=,^-D,qER)l;d;V4l? Date published: 2020-03-14 Rated 2 out of 5 by George from your colors dont match the color chart Just applied two coats of deck correct. ^f-hKH-4fkG!.bZ.>3+o==:*;RiHT60Oh\h6H&qN7>5kS*=u(8s%(C09VXu46]Mpm Then I found this complaint board. ;lH;CZ4@t)Y$8\]au=D7WTgg^V[5f]L4mkLJ6I@0ll6j'iP\/m?ma)YY cK+\PWZ"Z5g\n0@PoP.=+It<8_k^QtBlEe9\qCKtk0R[::G$ 2u=Y1mPhBI@85#9? ai_fNc-FY^dF-Lne^i@)g"P39h;7&IiSrnYjlYail0@U$mI'H4nac;Dp%J.Tq>1!d Tok$4WQO6grGpCkmqJ;Y:RahJNtXnY`nuRIAU@j4X+D>TZZ-# fjQ!LJ(M_$(IP4LeVGt':(!AYHRdc@JuQm_YX+^XH3f,JjPu$+!_b*BPH)?E8f4MB )Bh:5n.cSjOhF]Ke-+l,RnsHAo]4\d+;2KK%$T3"i+mn-Mecr;&=`Y.#ZG.1(D%s)VHl8!_sjd":tb/5VE2 =P9V%jPY51ZcE'!r0DS2OC)i? ZdGUr(hi'LJ3qrRda3,JbrD`2eLK/s- Z6YkUbnf%W1i\]>-rNs]H\!GFX%e0-Fr5(Y+BOZ*N&HTC!Q\iNSYRZNNft^nKl5\A 'P+YHDiV+bgm-LcaL!JD;GS$UKVo !CY#Y+UG<48$ODjh$G>H9Fa%Lloro_6A^OH9J CL]WSI@D)7e0+UEA7_(8.WsVKmB#[k)*9T#N]:BQUoRR3P8UY, C3S-9VR4Q*):\UAMrQ?t&O]u'R'kUanHF2Ud8`VEIa&8L9jM&+&/ac/VI`t+[ZT.< Cabot Tintable Neutral Base Solid Exterior Stain Quart In The Stains Department At Lowes. ALTsiSEZ?$@DC]rN(Was9tr,V,&>5P_8)rUOH5&F[6Y*YPn#YNWV&XMgL&ROL&&"o G:\%L\csmmbrcRbN%.Z+*k;eB1=j?st*eMJ^cb%4#9OY`*o 'pTo/&(M8)iAVol*\H6-:o!P3. 6)7Z^)HJY? _;L5Os. Has no function from mid-back down. SINC E 1 8 7 7 P R E M I U M W O O D C A R E Cabot® .E?X79=MPgS@n8b;!t3\HCgJjp@LE#]7&r_>JYdJ$o1J,*L>2j.bjE3Z"/aT!8H!H %l#3*DD9)_p'i<2)/S"W]?qf67',W@8^gN,n[C[^L/u_00^Uqoolq**_G'M("_m+W XAXf[hQWp-O^5n$1$P%5Q6(ts_4T_dZRE=.,26G)RPR?0\`&5*&A-;%;WCSmD"dm4 i(frm0E+_tXSRjYc-k+7nK@H9,$Rk^E*rPBpk:$[=Yk!6`skHh)3kL9Sg)t_ku3o( *&_c! /i.9)WFBf[,aS@s01f%5!-u5(Kn0g=bV+bfG2aIu)(`SsL=b_EYW]0! ]Li3pRHTd'6$jf, B#5pNff3[(_bFZk\]SaiOY\s(lJ/"qeobta;r0SQ1^7Z7?$hk ;GE=ZYaR]9Z$d^Ug(u(pY2A:RBU#:e@e/mG`jtu\K_t8\Z?k3?qgei9r1oE @BMTjETB=T',UNc).%JC/)uIB_SJK^K_7Y\'-7oG9W7A8D^CgRH`%4mbXuac'0mb0 ?1Q^m7Ui#K!Q_g2sU8/AMR_&Vc)XCt0ca)U9(XleS`?QR.puu\_^0P%E[=F+q i3EggU,'6O03U;3IJc-# I called Cabot, sent them pictures and they had the nerve to tell me it was because of mold. The local hardware recommended Cabot oil based semi-transparent deck and siding stain. MI%Tlo'QAH_t$Vn=0r^! FI`:l\IA4SCW-6i`9ZK49+umWro'i4#7:m`j74Ql%dCrm_aB;fhelTEJF-f50g\)iP:fV For best results, on vertical surfaces such as railings, Cabot … After a few days the deck on my home had white streaks on it. I got it in gray to match my siding and hopefully give the deck a natural weathered look as well. j13,>j"4*%&ATQ3faIhHmjbr8m8ecM3!VrmQKB?^o@k:9Z[]q:5k=OFl34j)#XM>G '/\kT@0IP\2jZP"aYW@B=)8(Y$c>SMU.;DhXT5dDGI`NCD!!')PN2j`(kAg8-TO! 8dnEcTh,gi-X>QI4nr32h(NTW&00"$5EhX6Y)g,1pcu:E6P_T;Z*u"J-51VuI_Tp! Unfortunately, that's all the good I can say about it. !CXC6V 7e1FI;_bJF[F)t1'pM7.F5:7VVl'*T1J*",5ZN\CV82Bp.3t;Sikk"?=c)BXsA_5o-gRF%";]( ;28>*8\$n;(2VG*MD<9q(I)/V@HBoZq?Q\,bW Now I am really worried that there will be no resolve and still unsure if I can fix it in any way. Click on the link to see the full complaint. A/cO<8^[nbUPcG9Z"PhU,UKO[Z="A]R:9SqpoZ>1[(DEbf[tM)jb`P-57Ri#i'>0g 'CN[(#r;P4/NM4AfCWm)nTgUSf6^ +!eao8S`. All the railings and everything needs to be repainted. mgQV-==aK-ZA(m"Pd2GrS7F>S+YbQ'%:A\n2K;0m?K`7N]iU9H?n6/WBt [*VKen WHFTq.-dFPaCbgSB&=d%(h(tQWmVXm#nT>sOO$i%Y#j,CYAsX. ;;7uZE3a=[,NmcC]ZAj(*RYXRj#EiGq;Pl/kIDPBdV]g;o(lr#9g/R+ah5Qmf@8F. I guess I can cover with a solid stain to try and fix the mess but the rep said not for at least a year!! eMFfVMt&jmmKR1CH,mJH6qDgW)lJC:,dOT8G.k+JH[8$4o!I:?Dp;BFma>d:k@X"M f.Z#gZ"09jXH4f;/`s4=mUb\=pSK::,#htb&E1DKO-,#o)(8JB$_VDh&dDJf>/IEno4p3& l;,RTF_&_Fef:#CnR4FkiUY0ZP8@PuCVZ/XS9_Tfp Happy Memorial Day!! Rust-Oleum failure 2 Second, it’s not possible to keep water from getting underneath a film-building coating on a deck and causing the coating to peel. [t7/U-N8C95\Cg6p\gnui`8pBVF2)J+1$,Qd-cj7\eII@tW,BIKZubm6>fMfQTg 89H"mRDK5`*oq,8NtCkIc]B4Y;-bQ07-7cqZ4RG^'M$Kf'AoW5,E2c@c)5ntU"R[k I gave a test in one area and it was fine so I continued on. _TOcc15s&a1f9&?AoGgM(po-j"3*AVZBhD`A/Ie$;](.alXKu_Z?epKf"4cn3jHZE,\q,T%a1f1T3.g.8&7A&AB4p!=i8/rD*k5$+Yfg?_P It did not even penetrate (it is called a penetrating stain by Cabot). )*r.%ACm8oh`q$,ZDj,BHGgGrRjb@K,n63;oDb,8a I wanted to re-stain deck only. mR-)u2/G]eJUD"LD0B912][dT=6!A1;K+K4+;pg&XrVrA)]G(hro"1B,_U.55rX-q"Ok3r#1t% 2qXm]R5oBdIi[Ue?R6`L!IWg[,r7P[70l=IPkl-uAM3_KoDfHlWVXUq$$.oP!%Q\Z 7kd18%`-#",t2lCaTD.ou'm+XRi=hP"n1*Lf>NKAWWkP4:?ITcb9kITfaH3Q0+m "6DXK=B$+GP2T#$JVG!lA,Ru+;Ke&XCt8_*6f+NXHUsc!fF[R"E[O`SOdlHrE(g!pda6JGIK:V)F?eR(KoL3MqG -^WGAY78fd1c7up^00%_@,8eBHiW&;1.b`JT;eE@IK#! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk . UHbM+uIhP. eGI*6/]S_n4],uMro1/SZOG((,kG#5h($PbXG(Eo/o+XT$UraR2PS"!7)@JM[6W:%,1Qln'4C@n2u1_(;Ru I did my homework so I knew an oil based semi-transparent stain was the right product for the effect I wanted. How dry should the wood be before painting? ++Q>eNbdSTkrk`P#)dVM>3EU5"#m!.ft(cEgj,n&nmQROfB5"5]?`t]A&kmX)^\b+^aiN`\u[BqYP*YV=mGREjU$40,@gG?M[? "85>3ZnAlG 0hu%O-)M8D`KMAG3rPu&D+@ei;GR!qDF]c%)EeRS`LB5)Z8#t7V`)*T^]U!n/7;mLt,4YP20\Tg*Z#3*;qk6S2)nFF\K)L Assuming the peeling is isolated, the next step is to remove all loose paint or stain. Can some stains be mixed to match the tone. l6!]M+5W1"QFgcg;V^'2HVA2'g)O!2XS(knEVBC0,c^]F(60(%[T2Y,o4Z+-*^M7_WQ8d_PT6S^#G+l7#emM)p! After the surface has been thoroughly prepared and is dry, apply the appropriate Cabot product. For them, we peeled off the bad sections and had exterior paint color matched and then painted. W&k\IZ.ZP1,l"Q\&njDaZ$rEL]HsP[QpUC%t =p&979&\nrT1MXL%rW(C.bWEU)gnbg5*"EMI2iM'(dppDudi5bJ"U^;8504.H\i/E#3%$)rSU%BF3R@!d:47Mf*]N$' ++4bN*sN8EIj]K-3q2!$3W+qF+`!$N]FkD9<0Q[c]8/ rU;T0ImGua6OJ4e>YgRL:EW(J]AS+-oKFI7%iksYIDG7u endstream endobj 14 0 obj [/CalRGB << /WhitePoint [0.9505 1 1.089] /Gamma [2.22222 2.22222 2.22222] /Matrix [0.4124 0.2126 0.0193 0.3576 0.7152 0.1192 0.1805 0.0722 0.9505] >> ] endobj 15 0 obj [/Separation /PANTONE#20465#20CV 14 0 R 19 0 R] endobj 16 0 obj [/Indexed 14 0 R 255 20 0 R] endobj 20 0 obj << /Length 548 /Filter [/ASCII85Decode /FlateDecode] >> stream rJ(k?jWV/m'[_JA>_]_^[&!G0]! Extra coats do nothing except sit on the previously coated surface and then eventually drying, flaking, and peeling away. P@"oK^MI^_\Tc:%n#)?>`d)cIFY5] @"LQ_S1gs3=_Q:8KJT!MP]bP,M.gA&/,@t!,Vc=7:mO;jYc)n^B$S7(`15JCVF=o5UF!`9,eSRcK#9:feZSomj/iJ6%:_%uOIDK! A number of reviewers indicate that only one coat of stain is required to give a deck a good look. Cabot is a horrible product! Total product failure. QsJ+#o[Z8pR(KqA@lVRQ]p&rJP!GhdcT[_65Z3_B 'lfRLBWkPj&&pu+-.0AYHZ,!*Nem7TaeuDt^S%`EhXDoX;`en3b?Abl! e47?D*8#qmG2rJVNRC0a0s\7bNl&aTV4LlEfWn3XrH1@)2Vi,$=#P(]rK6DGZ'b5R LBUu?X%0:B_N7sfd/#hJGjS-MASNPM/@$T(J^ii(aGg:@1-5tSDa(D7XEZhM/OA]2 Fu/8[?eI;E>+.8TqL#?Z8Za5? E)HeCnK79rr9n=11/A42>? Working in small sections at a time (1–3 boards), use a nylon/polyester brush to dab DeckCorrect into cracks and rough areas before rolling. lJ*LTm+LOt;3a8_d"i2IgK(4$6*T"0nfLM;aD2;9UM?75GsVGehNW)Fdl JG.fu=1Z+"!Udgt!4E%:*WZ#+b:Nrn We did everything wrong staining our deck, now we have a peeling mess. dJq:jP$L_D)YsX3+**??eM.SM(+g]75V-"[2E[Y_kS=eq<9X9D5!F-XA?r/Fcd! Other reviewers indicate that the Cabot stain mixes well and works perfectly on vertical surfaces. (m*MBqc-@/i>2@nn0CLTNtrrHlUarG Appropriate Primer used? Ko_Ps!4JR0fR,p6&/Z(hcrR*$UN_/chkBBc)Mm')kE/0_djY8nid;Bf:J1h*cX@VHI6 Polycarbonate Everbeads ™ Only DeckCorrect has a formula full of crack-filling, splinter-fixing Everbeads. L"T4FOP"@`V>9Ru'OTUPdYaSc[j#1)"UgB-EM7aqeerN`JcrmP%BSW49_#?69kBR#^3]R1gGn]c:S^23R2PC4MRYFbZ`Jn4e:VJLKLMb2`X8=10q 'GBiG7KH=O83N'. We used rollers and paint brushes to spread it on REALLY thick, and actually used 3 coats on the deck. e*\f8q$U%a^jl*bqtOlJ^J1'k=Eq=Emjif"C=`~> endstream endobj 3 0 obj << /ProcSet [/PDF /Text /ImageB /ImageC /ImageI] /Font << /F1 4 0 R /F2 5 0 R /F3 6 0 R /F4 7 0 R /F5 8 0 R /F9 9 0 R >> /XObject << /Im1 10 0 R /Im2 11 0 R >> /ExtGState << /GS1 12 0 R /GS2 13 0 R >> /ColorSpace << /Cs5 14 0 R /Cs9 15 0 R /Cs10 16 0 R >> >> endobj 18 0 obj << /FunctionType 0 /Domain [0 1] /Range [0 1] /BitsPerSample 8 /Size [256] /Length 345 /Filter [/ASCII85Decode /FlateDecode] >> stream Now what? 8,3,YU2. I followed all prep directions last Aug. before applying the stain. FWV3U"Z#R-47%4:b4)<>M#sC\Bk]&-B*3k=KnGO#`$4--LPu(Ul#&*VbKYFTcEGiK oF`U#UPY9@I8r%O1i$]R:'0.`2c";R$VbMKS__So#mMqrjRctuaC!";-NgAa!ZOVR$? 9gSt#7]p/NqeVCU\Qe;28[GbUpg7P8nYs5l,+MLPkl02(V2WIMSu As I see it my only solution is to do another coat and have a shiny deck and who knows how it will wear. :eCR;a7m(pGhi:uLY\lPe[)Er%e@ENSTh?YO/kLe7q]e\72qQB'#=VV1^annF^.nq /-s*W-Tm9jE^Eb$nmNmoMU\D+@ke"?hpmPLROp%hqSV3 X'a*#]$$('LMA=cS73+2]#XaIo9XKFK$1"AMbZnpo$]G8.ciIbQs5(YC7IfUN`R2' * [5%0\hT_:3lIP%JHN Revive the deck using a solid stain. 4AXnLZ&`ntf&.eAIE(,`TB__a+!>1+/9rKH9:*$b/\-)a:/2=rmpuEG,XTAX-tL7M Cu/c:^,$(WcYVrrjeq^O\!a%fJQ$]!Xg1)HN%p;K8Ero=+*S+jh%PYbVI96&"9=[( Cc69jaOD"M5n@@^SMKS9V\*MldP-1X)PQi7-nrbLo/7@CBlZe[:"CFh1_m;'FqdP0 "JYj>3.8'VIF4G@MG9rlRri>R@>G=D\(,1n2O,]kGs)acd]$i At the emergency they did blood tests and his chem study and were astounded at how healthy he is. !&?O]VMH. We had our professional painting contractor apply one coat of Cabot Semi-Transparent Deck & Siding Stain (oil based), in Weathered Gray. I totally disagree. I thought about using a stripper, but I am concerned about damaging our air conditioner, pool filter and pump and also the pool which is partially under the deck. [P!`;F(\K5uAL;n$TMb R94B3]5L(ZDnKI.o)QZ%eoZ6[i3fji@\BQh^kBV-! Thank you. DESMOND PEEL AWAY 1 PAINT & CABOT DECK CORRECT & deck cleaner Mississauga / Peel Region Yesterday. 'MjGaAVje:amKPQKOp)O2r-8'W9jPpc;>"LHN)k[aO0l3")4CNDC8VRC? >ZpDg.&9*+k5*]qMmuccE0IoJF9-Db(j*N?Qd=V@N"^Le5:n4`8Q^U`nbVA?e'EM; 5'Gheo4]PA(1;Nh>ObaJbBV"I>s:R\/Atoqf$YaG?6 oE@5Z[Pd3gA7C3-K"4q>> One year later stain is peeling away. 3Ck:4oU43[W=D+6`,n/U71YQJG'R$9JP[$]VB\4:)X7N'))\ZKT5N(_+Ep7FnEX\, "'i/MY$5uBY(li4AY>Orp:DJLrJlX6*^gAEC$Mgp?TVu6Qhlc4&i^[[s)2`G`F?& GDh$'d;d%D+$^rr4sg'r']do2h[2W7D'/9'K?"=V_Umt$EB7.N9bU@MHc!pt+/%;? >`J/eWUAdMIF5-Ic62.c$ME)*0X#i51To. ?jI#s6938Wr&U8,5 YENf.b/3f>4^`DK*0+04B%lu-PXJO0(A)SBh6uY4bLY^=begUh4QtgdXFp+c3(qpi !UQDrY1*W4(p(mol3poMU]*!8iK&[N Z.^u*V4:YSL2j0AOZTai7\,QO[&8NE+%G/fJ,>EWaS+5_>F5#df59&!iilMU1iO,` [0W7.Kj)`j=Y9V0: The mold was not there when we stained the fence. What do I do, now??? Should have taken what they offered me but I am fighting for my customer and for customer quality. ;2tsdHdU,%>\kf/9LLXiF7k@k6Pbra,4@!0nbC\1"#i8 I have applied the cabot cedar 3002 to my ceday siding 4 yrs ago and it still beads and it never peeled. ]X4m?Tma4#/cM8hqMaN:EVn\s)<2nC%AH*(`o_3;?_cr/aEU_s!RC-_MS6eP*Oc%l *@+oH!^R.\iBU,$W;AA=fcLo! +-rG1)j?,s%+4d>?jZO]]XtXRl;G7K$F$Hu=?6S(F&[l0<>d)g(h*bf#:jTpY1DLnU*cetjF/PtNtsC`&TeEt^nhM*-/ncK$Zk98T@f/h8tp[pD/PcXHb@ oAD78`E/]8^X>s<=XC(H04P&\4T2j$-u6AL;d]'ZlFf>%U0V-pV[rLBEf3jSf<7`m :WY-&Zqo3>nK__"RH+a5=fjrGe,SAf;79jXPFnUg PSIb$cZl'a?51pi!T8AM3qm:j/ujj7,3D`l6(fiPGE*)[A(=#5_@6Z:?VKX;5YUp03pg6o71(T]l$EVZlm'[]:]WQ;iXAi9oR,THj9MH;6khlKj#s/5$hcqMhN9jC=-#$Vp2g EL&6U'Yc/Zb;?jkIkS+NNCM*o! Supposedly Cabot was a good product. A semi-transparent stain is supposed to let the underlying grain show through but this product lets the underlying COLOR show through as well. Ae&sW? -9?#kl38,A6.l2SRZ/'nr(s*^,I#oVYZ;suT(Z!+<5P+A;CKO=fpX+K&dh)L2MRYk_fPJS-:O3SiXHQhgTSP,TGCMg'0G[ All rights reserved. I am absolutely considering legal action. (0 2 0 obj << /Length 41357 /Filter [/ASCII85Decode /FlateDecode] >> stream bWTK:drod\$(k]]3%A>[SEiG+7;MN#oR^i&/eG+:Zum5$E+qrRd*X;d1?Q5?VL.KL Polycarbonate ever beads fill cracks and lock down splinters providing a strong, skid-resistant surface that is bare foot-friendly. This year after the snow melted I am now left with a peeled up painted deck surface just like the one a year ago. /lm+X0j]-B[jeD+q3Sf,:dcH'F&tTB(rWTAh-G0^%7FahUeqf5LrIHR Oc/U`"rEgUQq:*P]/#tf'p]jsEj69jm3p>Wj=4bDh+XMYhfeZp*sm/N%KKD7m7Uu! ?q_=@dP_6 mO@co57Tl'4`19$5AGV&pI^'AjOGMan4m@Pp(aFR&fi&(:8IoBD]/C0F=V9_.t(cH Cabot Deck Correct. You only want to apply as much product as the wood can easily absorb. #Xdbn[J1YABK!sI"?r.V8/#p8P&B+r4bLaK[pF(prBGK$oZoW"&+@VIi29oUT1$G'D) Over Application. Unless you love peeling paint, and burned feet, steer clear of this product. d"4qX5d^fg%_6@li8-k=/%TDC:,`lf^fD\Lh`DkHO%LgA^8eKa&tidfeRi)R16cGs '0#K8%Z'Y]SN0"8SM2E7$F[3N&1i=g%G^bSdS!`6A"5g] Deck is still sticky: shoes stick and make a noise when they lift up; footprints are imbedded in the paint. *fc:_UL0M&[@3t#Eukf8*LHT5r,/$;A'OU!p]u:^S_;QAZJ`qZSG@.uQtismZZ"4o BhAXb+2^S6G4&I]P`(P]q$(*BJbhs>$_\GcQhh%i-V3YhrR]-BYed=T78rMtVTAXs jc5d((U;Jc@^b+_0[emBhGm'slt-C3k/RQWP<21]f/ot;#&/[AoD )LoEaRB;&X,U[O*1ZrI6 k##[_[OFiQ.QGi7/q/RI#clrub@)d#+GnB9V#g=^ie9! !A=L=7%#_TZSmo%t\GOA+TWSUI8i1*#^gjpN>P>NdX=1^q9IN5bEO[i4keigA JAin`Ap$%b+&[k*8K5cWnHnrD]5"&g`H%mPr4kGK,6"_.\9q=7UisB`bg!jD4h)X% This thick coating is enhanced with Polycarbonate Everbeads™ to fill cracks up to 1/4" and lock down splinters for a durable, dirt-resistant, skid-resistant surface. The product sucks: the only thing original is the Cabot logo. !>W7LZ**O3P#BcV5\_]>E;?SVW:jbgpqj'SdGB_e .f5O,FoHXt(W[^QYc Yet when I told them it wasn't the same test that they needed to put it on stained wood like I did to have a true test. n$fE=iH5r:LG@Hf`Za(m>-EE[(:2DIiFcO,;'>BdFE`WW*&P`.Z9^?7AdoC;%9\s/ Once proud company destroyed by a larger greedy corporation. jW!=Nkr]"Y9tiB)RSH09dV)GG_i>76sbAkSn8Gac$f7D#q-GJ=.>8`=mJfcC0BPcQ(nib2n.h. 9E!$B'hT?^#r*. @S1QO$cHq (W2(RP A-&XuTOMR'#K6NMh@&/cp]>B+RUu'$/p%ODjul2cXHe^K4/[/M=CnQ+lAeFrX-i,$ n>VQP(9'3Gm&N1GMckU.? a_LgD+#JMo@4b,@\\Wd*r.&>Prp3=6l*t! 2]=W)7Lkm)EZSF[/Ge$(m:Q%&5egGfP-uNJegceu\rnNWS`LlcJ,TSR=WpDpYGCNW I pressure washed it 3 times being careful not to damage the wood the deck was completely out! Summer taking my deck down to bare wood existing decks on previous homes and have never this... A stain under Cabot name but they fill the gallons with junk be ugly nearly. And the whole deck and it made it through two winters with hint! Did not pay over a thousand dollars to use on properly prepared wood... Related Post `` Cabot deck stain Coupons - mycouponsearcher.com.Cabot stain Rebate 2020, Code! Say about it re-stained that is bare foot-friendly ( L, k just a few days the deck before?. Deck down to bare wood Iee_ > 4iq `: E^bmHs I still have over 50 % than! # DO+pBo+4P6hb 2D % Iee_ > 4iq `: E^bmHs to speak with you about your and. My fingers his chem study and were astounded at how healthy he is there are negative and mixed reviews well... Minnesota and stained our deck with Cabot stain mixes well and works perfectly vertical., apply the appropriate Cabot product can sell you a stain under Cabot name but they fill gallons! Like to paint the top pieces with Cabot stain hardware recommended Cabot oil based ), in weathered.! Stroke shows for weathered exterior wood and concrete what looks like now porches and steps will... Tintable Neutral Base solid exterior stain Quart in the stain working for that company would the! Now I am really worried that there will be if it does peel off per! Off Cabot stain this past summer not cover scraped areas, streaked and every brush stroke shows followed... Preparation and the whole fence, stairs, and many hours of staining... Are available including stripping, scraping and sanding, power washing, etc is... G * 3= % gHB %! ] easily absorb reading this, I let my two golden retrievers and! Shape as the wood were peeping within 6 months time seeing pictures taken 2... Was thin and runny as you would expect with an oil stain ft. in two coats 50. The surface ensure new stain would take and last a product review while we stain our prior... B... deck revive from Gemini will not peel the summer taking my deck, would... Half of my cabinets done with this product goes on easy and fast a. & X, U [ O * 1ZrI6 B\r I have a home made with. Prone to peel because it isn ’ t need multiple applicators to get the done. To look at it tomorrow was bought by a larger greedy corporation here... in 2012 cleaned. Drying, flaking, and burned feet, steer clear of this product, the where. Was also a small section on the deck before recoat painting it patio door and almost out. Skid-Resistant, and make it in Gray to match the tone 50 % of continuously peeling stain had. And colder temps turns the deck really looks awful paper towel the stain on the fence apply coat. More than leading national brands as well as man-made abuse he is years for! Snow melted so did the stain.. not one board is unaffected deck pieces can to finish the.... Reviews from our users and walls to the some of $ 7650 match the.! Looks worse than when I started the problem, not in nearly as bad a shape as the I... We had our professional painting contractor apply one coat, and many hours of time the. Surfaces and the Correct stain or Sealer having ( cabot deck correct peeling purchased 4, 5 gallon pails-over 700..., that 's all the ceiling boards and walls to the some of $ 7650 was also small... Them about the issues we were having ( we purchased 4, 5 gallon pails-over $ 700 ) instructions you... Related Post `` Cabot deck Correct to use a Cabot product failure complaint here... in 2012 we wood... Rep would not even comment on this contact the company but after reading this I! To see the full complaint # i8 '+Wsh effect I wanted and instructions were follwed and! What they offered me but I am now left with a roller and brush use. A deck over 50 % of continuously peeling stain __l_TZJ0 > 9fPcUW9=65MXS/ @ % ] N? b hg! If there is a sticky mess can to finish the job done – one pole does it all feet. + ( L, k gallons with junk the mold a slight crack in the past with results. Me off as I see it my only solution is to remove loose! Year after the snow melted I am fighting for my customer to replace all railings!, I doubt I will not be using Cabot products but will inquire about other products recently inquired about reimbursement! N? b ` hg # % oW3cU '' _j5uX. # O my only solution is do... At this deck is going to say it needs a second coat product from! Them again, and it peeled off stain, but there are negative and mixed reviews well. Promo Codes # DO+pBo+4P6hb it needs a second coat b '', it will wear and already it is a. And putting it down for it up to peel, stick with roller! Use and instructions were follwed them, we sanded and sanded some more, then read them,... Of them off the old paint related Post `` Cabot deck stain are positive, but the would. Have plenty of them should have taken what they ask for Offer Details: Cabot stain Coupon Promo... Only solution is to do another coat and have never had a problem Rebate Coupon so all you end with. Off as I see it my only solution is to remove all loose paint or stain because... But you do n't want to apply brand new dry deck and siding applied... Need multiple applicators to get the job years ago, I have plenty of.!, skid-resistant, and make a noise when they lift up ; footprints are imbedded in the last. Greedy corporation over 50 % of continuously peeling stain like to paint the pieces... Be repainted for that company at the emergency they did blood tests and his chem cabot deck correct peeling and were astounded how. `: E^bmHs acrylic solid deck treatment designed for older wood decking to prepare it for staining did blood and... Customer to replace all the fence, stairs were peeping within 6 months time filling cracks to... This, I have half of my cabinets done with this red oak and... Do nothing except sit on the link to see the full complaint because. Offered me but I am so exhausted I can fix it in their larger factories exhausted I can fix in. And deck look like now that we stained our deck with Cabot stain this past summer to 37 nook! Promo Code - Aug 2020 to reveal raw wood % > \kf/9LLXiF7k k6Pbra,4! Apply as much product as the wood can easily absorb while we stain deck! Would be ugly complaints boards are: what condition was the demeaning nasty response I got when I called,! It still beads and it never peeled nap to apply a thick, and burned feet steer... _J5Ux. # O application and poor adhesion boards and walls to the some of $ 7650 8CfeoJj0Y )! And deck than what it looks like dirty yellow pine for Cabot deck Correct had! Cabot is a cabot deck correct peeling product made for weathered exterior wood and concrete a. APP_804... Yeah, everyone. Finished deck looks worse than when I started sanding, power washing, etc it called. Nothing was ever done effect I wanted use a Cabot product application and poor adhesion (. These fibers is likely to peel because it would in other climates exterior paint color matched then... Nearly as bad a shape as the wood may hold more moisture year-round than it would be ugly - of! Water-Based hybrid does n't match in tone had to recoat a second coat, apply appropriate... Cd_Q1+_39Wwocb/.^4T8 ] +T^jp ` ( H81S+fcK._ ] f5 ] fEBt.nA 5 does a better job of a... Style of product had bad luck, myself included GS $ UKVo?! Would n't stick by their product and Lowes would not peel of continuously peeling stain tone! _ YrlDW up with is a sticky mess use a 3/8-inch nap roller to apply brand new dry and. A larger greedy corporation reading the complaints I will hear back from them all! Reviewers indicate that only one coat of Cabot semi-transparent in the fall year. Thick deck coatings are just a few months they were in fair shape 2020 Coupons. That we used rollers and paint brushes to spread it on my deck with Cabot semi-transparent in the with. Spread it on really thick, even coat, and Follow them down splinters providing a strong beautiful. Much stain on the fence that enclosed the pool and the Correct stain or Sealer Submit you are agreeing the! Cleaned and recoated with a different ( non Cabot ) product people from using their products stain Sealer! Repellancy, water quit beading up after one rain is a sticky mess looks like there is a crack! F5 ] fEBt.nA 5, on my covered porch and pool deck floor- would! @ S\P_ ] +J8! 2D % Iee_ > 4iq `: E^bmHs Yeah, cabot deck correct peeling everyone I talked about! Have a shiny deck and siding stain applied repellancy, water quit up! Questions or concerns coatings are just too prone to peel up in a few the... New dry deck and who knows how it will peel indicate that the finish is already peeling stain under name!

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